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Technical Backround

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Strong Technical Background

Phd in Energy & Process Engineering

Mines ParisTech / PSL - Paris

Master of Science in Energy & Environment

Pierre et Marie Curie University - Paris

Honours Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering

Lebanese University - Roumieh

Proven Track Record

Air Liquide GTT Mines ParisTech Total, EDF
and others, are all clients who've trusted me to solve their problems. I was able to do so successfully using skills including:

Excellent Communicator

Able to fluently read, write and speak English, French and Arabic

Able to influence leadership and stakeholder decisions

Emotional Intelligence
Able to successfully manage sensitive and difficult conversations

People Person

In sharing our passions, we can build communities of practice that help foster strong collaboration and teamwork. Here are some of my passions.

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Rami Khadra worked for us on a subject of process optimization in chemical engineering. He quickly grasped the specificity of the subject and built a relevant computer model leading to significant cost reduction proposals in terms of OPEX and CAPEX. I recommend him for his efficiency and expertise.
Marc Wagner

Research Programs Technical Coordinator at Air Liquide

Rami worked on a project for Air Liquide R&D, as coordinator of this project, I find that Rami delivered a high-quality job. The project was technically very challenging, in an international context. Rami brought high added value thanks to his skills in energy efficiency, he also delivered remarkable presentations.

David Bednarski

Head of R&D division at Air Liquide

Rami Khadra worked for GTT Gaztransport & Technigaz, as an Energy Efficiency Consultant. He worked on several projects for the company and as the Project Manager, we worked together on a weekly basis. Being highly organized and, at the same time, very innovative, Rami was able to solve the complex problems we were facing. He was able to increase the efficiency of the processes he worked on. Rami’s consistent focus on end-results allowed us to reach our project objectives ahead of deadlines. Finally, Rami always insisted on backing up his ideas and recommendations with strong evidence. His professional behavior and excellent presentation skills enabled us to leave every meeting knowing we had made the best decisions.
Bernard AOUN

Program Manager – Senior Expert at GTT

The work presented by Mr. Rami Khadra is remarkable, because the different parts are treated according to a rigorous and well-argued scientific approach. He conducted an important bibliographic research, which lead him to making relevant choices as to the systems to be studied. Many results emerge from each chapter, some of which are very original.
Pierre NEVEU

Professor of Universities at University of Perpignan Via Domitia

I have known Rami Khadra since 2009, first as a student at the Lebanese University, then as a researcher and colleague. Rami is a very clever person. Not only can he find neat and efficient solutions to problems, but also in a very well-organized way. As a human being, Rami is remarkable. He is what I call "an emitter of positive waves", he certainly brings something extra to any team or project he gets involved in. With his high scientific level, his knowledge and his personal skills and qualities, I am sure that he excels at consultancy in energy and process projects.
Khalil Khoury

Professor of Universities at The Lebanese University

Sharp, clear, innovative and efficient. I have worked with Mr KHADRA for several years now and he can drive things beyond expectations!
Rodrigo Rivera

Lead R&D at Mines ParisTech